Jun 9, 2017

Summer in the style of Pokemon Go!

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Wow, it is just one year of existence of Pokemon Go game in our world! It seems like this game was here for decades, so much excitement it brought to our life!

The 6th of July 2017 is the first anniversary of Pokemon Go! It’s quite a nice reason to celebrate. What events does Niantic prepare for us this summer? We tell about them in this article!

Let’s begin with Solstice Event!

The first in-game event for 1 year of Pokemon Go begins from the 13th of June – the Solstice Event. And it is a time for Fire and Ice type Pokemon to come on the scene – players can catch a lot of them during till June 20 because they will spawn more often. Do you know who of Pokemon are Fire and Ice? Press or click to check the lists here:

Logo of Fire Pokemon - a banner for the full list Pokemon of Fire type in the Pokemon Go game        Logo of Ice Pokemon - a banner for the full list Pokemon of Ice type in the Pokemon Go game

Of course, that’s not everything – as it is usual for Pokemon Go events, trainers get:

  • More XP (experience points) for accurate throws of PokeBalls;
  • Cheaper Lucky eggs in the shop.


By the way…
Do you know how to use Lucky eggs? Do you know what types of PokeBalls exist in Pokemon Go? We explain this in the tutorial: “All the items in the Pokemon Go game”.


A bunner for Pokemon Go Solstice Event - Ice and Fire Pokemon

Changes in the gameplay!

The celebration of the first anniversary brought changes to the gameplay of Pokémon Go – they concern battles in Gyms! Trainers now can cooperate with each other in order to defeat very powerful Pokémon, Gym Bosses. This feature was named Raid Battles! Players can get some special new items from Raid Battles: Golden Razz Berry, Technical Machines, Rare candies, and Premier Balls. Also raider get Revive items and experience points

Read more details about new features of Pokémon Go gameplay in the article “Huge update of Pokémon Go: Raid Battles and new items!”:

A bunner for Pokemon Go tutorial How to play Pokemon Go. Success in battles.

Pokemon Go Fest in the real world

This is really something amazing – Niantic has announced Pokemon Go Fest, an event in the reality! It will take place on July 22, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

For the European trainers, Niantic promises an event on this continent – somewhere from June to September.

Also this summer, a Pokemon event will take place in Yokohama, Japan, in August. This will be Pikachu Outbreak, organized by Pokemon Company.

This is all the information we have about these events at the moment. And for now, we don’t know exactly what will they be. An appearance of the Legendary Pokemon? It is quite possible! Or, maybe just a joyful party? We will know for sure later! 

A banner for Pokemon Go Fest - and event for First Anniversary of the Pokemon Go game

Guys, all news about the summer events of Pokemon Go will be added in this article! And we will inform you about them on our social accounts:

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