Jun 9, 2017

Bright colors of Minecraft – exciting features of update 1.12, the World of Color

A banner for the news about a new version of Minecraft - the World of Color, Minecraft 1.12
Our gaming hearts are so happy with the new update of Minecraft! Those colorful blocks, that amazing rainbow on the poster… It is Minecraft 1.12, named World of Color!

Let’s figure out, what new features wait for us here. Maybe, it is just a design improvement?

Excitements of creativity

The main thing here is really mostly of design. But this is not a bad thing at all if you play the Creative mode and make cool constructions in the game. Now you have beautiful Glazed Terracotta blocks, Concrete and Concrete Powder blocks. What an amazing building can be made of them! What a cool new wave of creative fantasy awaits for Minecrafters in 1.12!

Also, the basic color pattern has been improved, so all our creations will be more beautiful, as well as the whole Minecraft Universe.

Screenshot of new colorful block from a new version of Minecraft - 1.12, the World of colors


By the way…
We explain differences between Creative, Survival, and Hardcore game modes of Minecraft in the tutorial “Find your own Minecraft style with different game modes”.


Save your toolbar!

Minecraft tutorial - how to save toolbars in the Creative mode
One very nice feature of this new version of Minecraft is the possibility to save different toolbars in the Creative mode and then use them. For example, you build a huge castle and need different sets of blocks in different places – form a set on a toolbar (lower active cells), save it by pressing C+(1-9), and activate it by H+(1-9).

Discover Minecraft recipes in the game!

Minecraft tutorial - How to use Recipe book
Now the process of crafting became easier in Minecraft – we’ve got a special recipe book that reveals what is available for crafting with obtained blocks and tools. It is really cool news for beginners in Minecraft! When a player collects new materials, he will see notifications about unblocking new recipes. Then he may enter inventory screen or Crafting table, click the icon of the recipe book and check what he can craft. Very, very useful! 

Another one significant feature for beginners in Minecraft is adding tutorial hints – they appear in Survival mode during acquaintance with the game. 

Still, these hints and even the recipe book do not give the whole picture of possibilities in the game. So step-by-step Minecraft tutorials remain quite relevant for those, who just open for themselves miracles of blocky virtuality! 

Do you like parrots?

A new virtual creature makes the Minecraft world even more positive. We’ve got parrots! They spawn in jungle biomes and may be one of 6 color patterns. Feed a parrot with seeds and it will be tamed. A tamed parrot even may seat on the hero’s shoulder – just walk “through” it! Players can create parrots with the appropriate spawn egg.

There are a lot of small new things in Minecraft 1.12 – we have described really exciting and significant. Others can be discovered in the game itself!

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