Jun 14, 2017

Moley, the Purple Mole

Moley, the Purple Mole game screenshots
Cute little mole is bored of sitting in his hole – he goes on adventure! While exploring places of the virtual world, he collects gems and keys to new levels. Gamers help the creature by putting three types of objects on his way: a mushroom for jumping, a log for changing the direction, and a flower for flying high. We should act fast and accurate to succeed in this interesting puzzle game.

Moley, the Purple Mole - free online game

We can have nice adventures in free online platformer games too – there, players can control movements of heroes:

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Big games, made for modern computers and consoles, propose huge worlds, much more items and tools, thrilling storylines, and even possibilities for creativity. One of such is Portal Knights for PS4, Xbox One, and PC:

A banner with screenshots for Portal Knights - a game for PS4, Xbox One, PC

A famous hero of the Super Mario Run game for tablets and smartphones is so quick that players can’t put anything in front of him – just tap to jump. But this gives so much excitement:

Screenshots of the Super Mario Run game for Android, iOS tablets and smartphones