Jun 15, 2017

Tabby Island

banner for Tabby Island - a fun puzzle game
Cute fluffy kitties gather together to create for us this fun and interesting puzzle game. Gamers should accomplish missions of many-many levels by removing groups of identical cats. Find the biggest group, tap one of the cats there and swipe it towards others. An interesting feature of the game is a turning the cats to powerful creatures with different abilities - try ‘em all!

A banner for playing the matching game Tabby Island for Android tablets and smartphones, for iPads and iPhones, for Windows and Mac computers

Cute animals often become heroes of free online adventure games:

A banner for virtual adventures - browser games for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, for Windows and Mac computers

For some gamers, virtual Pokemon of the Pokemon Go game are more attractive than cats and dogs:

Rainbow logo of Pokemon Go

Totoro is even more phantasmagorical than Pokemon:

A creative game My Tototoro Room for computers, smartphones. and tablets