Jun 8, 2017

Randall – action battles against an evil corporation

Screenshots of Randall - an action game for PS4 game consoles and for Windows computers
There is no freedom and democracy any more. The most greedy and cruelest people have united, and have enslaved the world. But they don't do this by themselves: their servants, policemen and soldiers, do this. Threatening with weapons, they force other people to work hard for them and for their owners…

Is it really everything in our world is so desperate? Of course, not. But this game shows us an example what may happen, if we'll not make efforts to save the world. Let's use our mind powers to stop rich people, until it's not too late! Let's don't help them to make us their slaves!

On the Very Good Games, we prefer nice indie projects – games made by small studios. Often, they have cool atmosphere, interesting plots, and amazing gameplay features. In simple words they are just good games! 

This time, we have decided to present for your attention, guys, an action game Randall, made for PS4 game consoles, for Windows and Mac computers. It has been released on 6th of June 2017.

Fight against an awful danger – a huge evil corporation!

In a virtual Nook City dreams of all tyrants (as well as some modern real corporations) come true. All the citizens work for prosperity of the evil and greedy government, all are slaves and every aspect of their life is under control. (Orwell? Did someone say Orwell?)

But not everyone is ready to be a slave! There is a guy, who will fight against the system to free all the people around. What a brave hero! What a nice reason to begin virtual adventures!

Kicks, hits and a mind power

So, in Randall we take our guy and explore with him a bit gloomy industrial locations. A lot of enemies are lurking around, and this means powerful fights here and there. This type of gameplays is quite common for side-scrolling platformers.  

And there is a super interesting feature – mind control! Soldiers of the corporation are mighty but very stupid. The hero has mental powers and can make a lot of cool stuff using his enemies. It is really a nice idea that makes the Randall game so interesting for gamers!

One more thing – we can develop abilities of the hero. He will be not the same guy at the end of the adventure! Even the strongest enemies will not stand his attacks! And of course, players also may be changed, because an experience in games is also a part of life experience – have you thought about this, guys?

We recommend trying Randall on PlayStation 4 game consoles, on PC or Mac computers! To buy the game, visit PlayStation Store or Steam:

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