Jun 3, 2017

Tekken 7 – a masterpiece of the fighting genre!

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Video games contain so many worlds with their specific rules and features! If in one of them we can explore and create, in another we can only fight. Fight with all the power and speed. Fight with just a feeble hope on future peace. Fight for a fight itself! Do you like such worlds? If yes, welcome to Tekken 7!

This is another one fighting game of the legendary series. It has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 2th of June 2017. Let’s have a closer look at it! And let’s think a bit about the fighting genre in the gaming culture!

Some guys want to defeat other guys in endless and desperate fights…

It is rather strange to have a storyline in fighting games – “Are they not just fight each other?”. No, at all! There are always some reasons, some motivations… In the case of Tekken 7, the plot may seem quite complicated, because it continues the story of the whole series. It may need some internal motivation to understand properly who Mishima Zaibatsu is, what G Corporation is, who is a father to whom, why a wife died and whose that wife was, and a lot of other things, which are revealed in cutscenes of the story mode.

In fact, a player may be interested in just a few facts from the plot – there is a tournament, named Iron Fist (Tekken in Japanese), and many phantasmagoric characters fight on it for the glory and the power.

Many fighters! Excellent mechanics!

Tekken 7 is a classical fighting game. Do you know this genre? Two guys meet in a closed location and beat each other to unconscious state (and even to death sometimes). The more unique fighters are available and the more tricks and special abilities they have, the better a fighting game is. Tekken 7 is totally OK! Here are many characters with lots of possibilities to defeat enemies!

As the game is made for powerful consoles and computers, it has astonishing graphics and excellent mechanics. What else do we need from a cool fighting game? Just fight again and again… To the final victory in this game! To the many new fights of possible future games of the series!

Fights in gaming?..

Aggressiveness is not a part of the useful gaming! A man can spoil his life if he allows angriness and aggressiveness in it. If you can’t keep calm during playing fighting games, it is better to forget about Tekken 7 – there are a lot of cool games with more positive emotional atmosphere.

Still, some advantages may be found in such powerful fightings! To succeed in fighting games, gamers should learn a unique art of pressing appropriate buttons at appropriate moments – it is like a kind of martial arts too! We need to be fast, and accurate. If you feel stress in real life, you may blow off some steam in Tekken 7. Or, you can practice keeping calm during uneasy situations – if you are not involved emotionally even in the most dramatic game fights, you may be able doing the same in the reality, when this is needed.

To play Tekken 7, buy the game for PS4, Xbox One, or Windows computers here:

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