Jun 3, 2017

Ace of the Pile

Ace of the Pile game screenshot
In this online solitaire, we have a deck of cards, four spots for creating columns and the place for the final deck. Tap the deck to take four cards from it and place them on the four spots. If there are cards of one suit, tap a lower to move them to the final deck. If a spot will be cleared, you can place there a card from the columns. The main goal of the game is putting all the cards on the final deck and leaving only four aces in four columns.

The game proposes different modes – a classic one with no time limitations, an easy one on 10 minutes, a medium on 5 minutes, and a hard one on 3 minutes of playing.

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A screenshot of a free online card solitaire, Ace of the Pile, a game on a Very Good Games blog

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