Aug 14, 2017

Atlas Rises – an update of No Man’s Sky. An essential one…

A review of Atlas Rises – an update of the No Man’s Sky game for PlayStation 4 and Windows computers
When the game was released, this very interesting gaming project became a bit disappointing for some gamers. No Man’s Sky has very nice ideas for exploring a huge procedurally-generated virtual Universe, but they weren’t realized on the best level. Players felt themselves so lonely in that vast empty space, with almost nothing to do in the game… The developers didn’t stop at this point! They try hard to animate their creation, make playing No Man’s Sky really an exciting experience. And now it seems like they have played their best card so far – a huge update of the game has been released, promising many new features.

The newest update of No Man’s Sky was called Atlas Rises. And it is especially interesting because of the missions of the story mode! 30 hours of prepared adventures wait for gamers. So, let’s have closer look at Atlas Rises and figure out if it is able to save this game for PS4 and PC.

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Three steps towards perfection

This update isn’t the first one for No Man’s Sky. Developers from Hello Games didn’t stop their efforts to make the game as good as was expected before its release. So they worked quietly and then surprised the gaming world with three consecutive updates.

Update 1.1 – Foundation. It was the first and quite successful attempt to fill the empty game Universe with buildings and to occupy players with getting recourses and with creating interesting constructions on planets and in space. Also, players got three game modes: normal, creative, with more possibilities to build, and survival, with more efforts needed for just living in the virtual world. The features of the Foundation Update are explained in this video:

Update 1.2 – Path Finder. Explorers of No Man’s Sky got vehicles to move on virtual planets much faster. Interesting constructions can be shared with other players through the Internet – it’s a nice wave of in-game communications. Game graphics became better, and owners of PS4 Pro ( got the support of the 4K resolution. Here is a video about Path Finder Update:

Update 1.3 – Atlas Rises. Maybe, this is the best thing that happened to No Man’s Sky so far! Many gamers don’t like feeling themselves with nothing to do and don’t like inventing ways of playing. They prefer having step-by-step explanations of game features, made in form of an interesting story. They like missions to perform while playing. And now No Man’s Sky got the story with 30 (!) hours of different tasks. This definitely may bring many old players back to the game and attract some new explorers. 

Along with the new story, we got scales of wealth, economy and conflict status for different star systems, new unusual biomes on some planets, new possibilities of trading, a useful tool for editing landscapes… The video below reveals details of Atlas Rises Update.

No Man’s Sky continues developing – and this’s the best part of the news

There is so much space in a huge virtual Universe with 18 quintillion planets, so it can be really a long process to fill it with creatures, objects, and different adventures. Hello Games promises to continue the filling processes in future updates – and this makes No Man’s Sky even more interesting,returns an intrigue and the spirit of discoveries. 

On the Very Good Games, you’ll find information about the most interesting future updates of this game. If you are ready to dwell into No Man’s Sky, buy the game on PS Store or Steam:

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