Aug 15, 2017

Major Update of Pokémon Duel - all new features of the game

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This game with Pokémon began its journey to hearts of gamers from April 2016 in Japan and from January 2017 worldwide. After the release, we see a continuous development process – new figures and plates are added regularly, some changes for exciting Pokémon happen time after time… And in August of 2017, the developers have made their first Major Update of Pokémon Duel. It was quite a high-profile event – Pokémon trainers saw many announcements and experienced many maintenance processes. Now the Major Update is finished and we can observe all the changes in the game. 

Which really significant improvements have been made for Pokémon Duel? Should we change our game strategy and in-game habits? Let’s figure out in this article!

A review of Pokemon Duel - a Pokemon Game for tablets and smartphones


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Room Matches became really interesting!

The weirdest part of Pokémon Duel was the mode of Room Matches – Duels between players from different leagues, which don’t affect rankings of the trainers. In fact, many players began Room Matches only to accomplish Daily Missions, and many just gave up after the start to save their time and get a mission prize.

Now everything has been changed! Developers have added Halls to Room Matches with specific conditions of playing and prizes for winning. Halls will be changing regularly, becoming a sort of challenges. This definitely brings new excitement to the game!

Changes of Pokemon Duel after the Major Update of the game - Halls of Room Matches

For example, in the Hall of Silver Moon, players can take only Pokémon with UC or C levels of rarity. But after a successful battle, they can evolve them to the R, or even to higher level. Winners of duels will get Booster Tickets for taking a free Pokémon figure in the shop. 

Or look at the Orbiter Hall with effects of a Gym Cup: Pokémon of Dragon type with 1 and 2 MP get +1 MP (Move Point), and Pokémon of Ice type get +20 points to their White and Gold attacks. It is a nice way to train with an appropriate deck before Gym Cups begin.

And many other exciting challenges wait for us in future…

This aspect of the Major Update means some changes to players’ behavior! Now we have significant reasons to keep Pokémon of low levels of rarity, making a collection of Pokémon – who knows in which Hall of Room Matches they will be useful?

A tutorial about all the game modes in Pokemon Duel


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Cormonite – a new game item for levelling-up Pokémon

If before we could use Rare Metal and merge Pokémon with each other to level up some of them to the 5th level, after the Major Update, we can use a totally new game item, named Cormonite to make available 10th level of a chosen Pokémon figure.

A new game item in Pokemon Duel - Carmonite.

Cormonite can be gotten from Time Boosters.

A Pokemon Duel tutorial about game items - green cubes, rare metal, gold ingots


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Two new leagues!

Two new leagues of Pokemon Duel and special game items in them - carmonite
Players with high rankings now can enter Master (2700 points and above) and Legend (2700 points and above) leagues. 

These new leagues are interesting by a bigger quantity of Cormonite in Time Boosters.

New rarity and Mega-Evolution of Pokémon

UX – is a new type of rarity for Pokémon figures. We got only three UX Pokémon now: Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and Mega Beedrill.

These figures can be used for Mega-Evolution during a duel.

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More slots for plates

Using plates, or cards of special powers, really can help to win in Pokémon Duel. And now we got 2 extra slots for plates – 8 instead of 6. Some of plates can occupy more than 1 slot, so the quantity of plates in a bag depends on their costs. 

Team Matches and figures from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Some new features of this Major Update are still hidden from players. But we know what they are:

  • Team Matches allow trainers choosing a team and participate in Team Match events;
  • Figures from original Pokémon games – Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, made for Nintendo 3DS game consoles.

We plan to describe these features of Pokémon Duel (especially we are interested in Team Matches) when they become real in the game. So, stay in touch with social accounts of the Very Good Games blog to get information about new posts:

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