Aug 18, 2017

Duo Cards

A banner for the Duo Cards game - a virtual vercion of Uno cards. Play on computer, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone
This is quite an interesting card game (a digital copy of popular Uno cards). You play here with three computer-opponents. Every of four players gets seven cards and tries to put them all on the table. The first, who has no cards, is a winner!

To get rid of a card, you should follow a simple rule – put on the table a card that matches a previous one by number, color, or symbol. If you have nothing to put, take a card from the extra deck. There are some special cards in this game! They allow skipping a turn, giving an opponent additional cards, and doing some other interesting things. It is enough to play just a bit to understand rules. But to win, you will need some game strategy!

#Attention     #Logic     #Planning     #Improvisation

A screenshot from the Duo cards game - play Uno online for free

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