Aug 17, 2017

Hey, gamers! Have you got Pikmin?

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Guys, imaging: you have lots of small minions, which eagerly obey your orders and are able to do almost anything. What will you do with them? 

The new game with such creatures, named Pikmin, gives a nice opportunity to think about this. And to realize your ideas in the colourful virtual world. “Hey! Pikmin” is a totally new game of the popular series, released for Nintendo 3DS/2DS game consoles.

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It’s all about exploration!

Pikmin are very interesting creatures – it seems like they want nothing for themselves and just help their leader in his desires. In the “Hey! Pikmin” game, Captain Olimar became a leader again! He is a cute alien-guy that often appears in the Pikmin games. 

This time Captain Olimar has crashed on a new planet. And by good fortune this place turned out to be full of Pikmin. Minuscule plant-like creatures help the guy to explore the beautiful world, to avoid many obstacles and dangerous creatures, and to find a way to fly away.

A banner with heroes of the Hey! Pikmin game - Pikmin and Captain Olimar

Pikmin can do many things. 

But we should choose an appropriate kind of them!

Pikmin are different – their colours show unique abilities, and players should use correct type of Pikmin in different game situations. 

For example, Blue Pikmin can swim and even go deep underwater. Red Pikmin do not afraid of fire – they can go straight to flames and extinguish them. Yellow Pikmin have an ability to reach high spots. And there are more of them in the game, so during playing we will activate our improvisation and logic skills to understand how to reach the end of the stages safely. And, of course, how to get more different Pikmin.

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“Hey! Pikmin” is quite an unusual adventure platformer! It is a nice choice for fun gaming time!

The game has been released for portable consoles Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. You can buy “Hey! Pikmin” in the Nintendo official store:

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