Aug 9, 2017

Hold My Hand, Friend

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Holding hands with friends – it’s a very nice way to express your positive feelings, to support heartily each other, to make each other feel not lonely in this world. And funny creatures of this unusual puzzle game know this for sure! They want to hold hands of every friend in a game area. They just need a bit of your help!

Choose where to put all the fantastic characters for connecting all their hands with a limitation of moves. Some of the creatures have only one hand, others have many – take this into account during the game! The fewer moves you make, the more bonus stars you get.


#Logic     #Planning      #Attention     #Improvisation

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If creatures don’t want to be friendly, and act in an evil way, they risk meeting Burrito Bison that will just smash them to clear the world from such wretches:

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