Aug 9, 2017

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – adventures in a magnificent world

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It may seem like all adventure games are very similar to each other, because there are so many common things in their storylines and gameplays – “evil powers try to spoil the life of peaceful creatures, but the hero stops them”. But this similarity becomes not so obvious when we begin dwelling into another one adventure – worlds are unique, heroes are unrepeatable personalities, their missions are like life-journeys of real humans… So, for enthusiastic adventurers, every new game of this genre becomes a totally thrilling trip to unknown! What waits for us in a new dimension of the virtuality? What can we experience here, and even learn about ourselves?

Are you such an adventurer? If yes, we recommend getting a closer look at a totally new game, named Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles! From 18th of July 2017, it’s available for PlayStation 4 game consoles and for Windows computers.

Dark times in a paradise… 

It is an amazing feeling – to launch a game for the first time and begin a fabulous exploration. Who is the hero? What is the world around? What to do here and why?

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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles has nothing too revolutionary in its plot, but still the story is quite interesting! There is a huge island of Gemea. And there is an evil force, Murk, that tries to make this place an awful one, to turn a paradise into a hell. Will it be able to do so? This depends on a brave hero that comes to the island and begins living here, making a house and a farm, crafting different tools and objects, cooking food to survive…

The guy explores, communicates with locals, and tries to destroy the evil Murk totally. He should cooperate with fairy Spirits to succeed. And he helps people all around to survive in difficult times!

What would you do on the Gemea island?

The coolest thing about this game is a chance to behave on the virtual island like on a real one. Will it be exploration of all eight regions? Will it be a settled life in one place? Maybe only using both game tactics will lead you to success in the game. But who knows for sure? It’s better to try, to find your own style of playing!

Developers say that they tried to give players fullness of the freedom. And this is really an exciting feature of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. The freedom begins even from creating an appearance of your character – he or she can be even a bit phantasmagorical…

Playing this game, we can develop:

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