Sep 9, 2017


A majhong Halloween game - Monsterjong. Play online for free.
There are so many versions of mahjong solitaires among free online games, and it may seem that all of them do not really differ from each other – just new pictures and clusters of pieces to take apart during game rounds. On the one hand that is totally true! But on the other hand, those pictures and new clusters make new games interesting and propose new challenges for fans of mahjong.

And here we have a mahjong in a monsters style, or Monsterjong, a super Halloween game! In many, many levels, players collect pairs of identical pieces with worms, bugs, faces of famous monsters and other Halloween things. To clear the game screen, tap on free pieces - those, which have a free side and are unblocked. Sometimes, they may be not totally identical – some pieces of the same colour but with different pictures make a pair too. The game gives nice and clear hints, proposes lots of useful power-ups.

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Monsterjong - free online mahjong game for Halloween

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