Sep 11, 2017

Mysterious adventures of Obduction

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Games allow widening of our views on the world, because almost everything possible in them. Developers of games create new worlds with different rules, and players may experience something that seems just fantastic in the reality. Creating such experiences is quite an art, and putting gamers in totally unusual situations is a key feature of many very good games.

For example, what would you do on a totally weird planet, where alien things are tangled with pieces of the Earth? Obduction proposes such an adventure! It is a game for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. And what makes it really special, is that Obduction is also can be played with virtual reality headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PS4 VR.

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Attentive exploration

In the game, players watch the virtual world from the position of the main hero – the first person perspective. So, with some help from the imagination, you can easily feel this adventure as your experience. At least for the time when a game controller is in your hands and a VR set is on your head.

The game character was taken by aliens and transported to a mystery planet. And this was made not only with the human but also with some parts of the Earth – the faraway location has really weird things, like huge floating rocks, as well as usual for us buildings and plants. After finding himself there, a player begins the exploration process. What is going on here? What to do in this world? How to return home? Different objects will give some clues. Holograms with a mayor of an old town will give some explanations. But there are no strict instructions in the game. And there is no strict consequence of actions, proposed by game environment. We’ve got quite realistic feelings of appearing in such place with big freedom of activities.

The world around is responsive and changeable. But players should understand which objects to take, which buttons to push, which lever to activate. And there are different types of locations with many unique features in them, so the exploration will bring lots of surprises.

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Moving through the story

Returning home is the main goal of the game. But to achieve it, will be not enough to find some pieces and connect them in some way. Developers made a thrilling plot for Obduction and allowed players choosing ways of its flowing. Make different decisions and watch how they lead to different consequences!

You’ll meet new forms of life, which trapped in the weird world in the same way, as the main hero. They are from different civilizations, from different cultures, and they try to communicate and collaborate. It’s not an easy process, and some things may go wrong. But players have the power to influence it, to change everything.

Sometimes it is nice to think about your previous actions and try to do something differently. Sometimes it is nice to refresh your mind and try to see new ways in the game and understand: what to do with current puzzles? And even more: where those puzzles are?

Obduction is really an interesting adventure, an amazing gaming experience. By the way, those guys, who made the game, are also authors of very popular games Myst and Riven, but we think, it is not necessary to concentrate on this fact for playing Obduction - just enjoy the process to the max!

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