Oct 24, 2017

Gran Turismo Sport – a new turn in race competitions

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Virtual racing can give gamers super exciting experience! Feelings of amazing speed, the spirit of competitions, regular practice for improving the driving style… And everything of these in a save place, without any risk of accidents! And let’s not forget about a variety of cars you have in racing games – lots of unique and super expensive are available here.

We have a reason to talk about racing games, thanks to the release of Gran Turismo Sport. This game series is rightfully considered as of the best virtual racings. If Forza Motosport is an exclusive game series for Xbox and Windows, Gran Turismo is an exclusive for PlayStation. There is a settled opinion in the gaming community, that Forza just can’t be compared with GT – races for Sony devices are like a quality standard in the industry.

So, Gran Turismo Sport is available from 19 of October 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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After the release, GT Sport got positive reviews and became a bestseller. Gamers talk about how nice these races look and how great the feeling of participating in them is. At the same time, we have some critics as well – there are complains about not very big quantity of cars (177 with 27 configurations) and locations (19). But this game is rather about competitions not about collecting cars…

The game is obviously aimed at gamers that think of developing an eSports career. It proposes organized events of online competitions. Gran Turismo Online Championship will be formally ratified by FIA, International Automobile Federation.

One of the best features of GT Sport is the support of PlayStation VR headset. Still, this wonderful feeling of sitting in virtual cars is available only in one special mode.

Of course, it is better to try the game by your own than read about it. Here is a link for purchasing Gran Turismo Sport in PlayStation Store.

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