Oct 20, 2017

Super Plumber Run

A free online game Super Plumber Run
Another one plumber has decided to become a brave adventurer – the guy from this game repeats the style of super famous Mario. This game itself is a kind of copy of the official Nintendo game Super Mario Run. But we have some significant differences! It is a free game, there is no end in the hero’s run, and he doesn’t have to rescue any princess – it seems like he runs just because he enjoys the process.

The plumber meets lots of obstacles on his way. And gamers help him not to bump into them by activating jumps! Many features of this adventure have been taken from the original Mario games. The plumber collects coins, he hits golden blocks for different rewards, and he can get a magic mushroom to become bigger. There are evil mushrooms and turtles among his enemies - the hero can jump on their heads to clear the way. And there are unusual for Mario things: dragons, magnet artifacts, and the possibilities to improve different skills of the hero before new tries in the game.

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