Oct 11, 2017

Battles in a rhythm of drums – Patapon Remastered for PS4

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Another one great game has been adapted for modern devices. This time we talk about a hit of PlayStation Portable – Patapon. Now it is available on PlayStation 4 with the same gameplay but with strongly improved graphics.

Cute small creatures Patapons were thrown away from their own land by evil Zigoton Empire. They have powers to return home and live peacefully after the great victory. But they just can’t use their strengths without a leader. Will you take this role?

#Attention     #Accuracy     #Constancy

In the game, a gamer becomes a god of Patapons, known as Almighty. He can control magic drums, which make virtual creatures move forward and battle every monster. There are four drums with unique sounds and they can be activated by four buttons of a gamepad. First combinations of the drums are easy, but then players should learn other commands and fight really mighty bosses.

To play Patapon Remastered, buy the game from PlayStation Store:

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