Oct 18, 2017

Better Together – an update that unites Minecrafters with different devices

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If to think properly, this will seem to be quite a normal thing – when gamers enter one multiplayer world of Minecraft from their consoles, mobile devices, computers, and just play together, care not about which hardware they use. This really sounds like a nice standard for the modern gaming, but such a situation became possible just recently, with a Minecraft Update, named Better Together.

Still, let’s not become overexcited about this news. The gaming world is full of weird competitions between hardware developers. And that’s why the Better Together Update doesn’t concern the biggest console community, gamers with PlayStations, and the players of original Minecraft PC. The common blocky virtuality is opened for Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. At the winter 2017-18, developers plan to add Nintendo Switch to this list.

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Many new possibilities became available with this update. A player can play in one Realm from different devices, continuing his game in a convenient way. Of course, multiplayer servers can accept the bigger variety of devices in one location. And one more super nice thing – items, created on different hardware, can be put to a common Marketplace and then taken to any of supported worlds.

Developers from Mojang made some other improvements of their game, as they usually do during such updates. Some of them were already implemented in Minecraft PC with the World of Color Update, such as parrots and the recipe book. Other innovations are totally fresh – like a new kind of… dirt, called coarse dirt. 

Guys, you can visit this official page of Minecraft to check the full list of changes that came with the update Better Together. Or you can just launch the game and explore new features by your own!

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