Oct 4, 2017

SNES Classic edition – play super games with super power!

A banner for the news about releasing of SNES Classic edition - a remastered game console from Nintendo
Guys, have you ever heard about those ancient times when games were distributed on special cartridges, and 16-bits consoles were a breakthrough technology? Or maybe those times are not so ancient for you, and memories of playing the very first Super Mario Kart game, Donkey Kong Country, or Final Fantasy III still make you smile? 

Here is super news for gamers of all ages! Nintendo has released modernized version of its legendary game console - Super NES Classic Edition!

It is a small device that copies the style of classic SNES from the 1990s. It comes with two original gamepads and 21 preinstalled games. Of course, this console has been adapted for modern monitors – it can be connected through HDMI.

Among super nice and famous games, we have a totally new, never released before – it’s Star Fox 2. The list of other games is here:

Gamers will get some new features while playing great classic. They are:

  • Rewind – return on a minute and even more in time, trying to re-play some game moments;
  • Frames – add beautiful borders to game screens;
  • Your own Demo – game demo videos will be based on your playing sessions.
The new console will cost almost $80 in the USA. 

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