Sep 27, 2017

Incredible adventures of Rayman

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An amazing magic plant lives in a colourful virtual world. It’s a sacred flower that spreads life and happiness all around. And that beautiful plant is in a danger now, because many evil creatures burst into this peaceful land. They threat to destroy peace and harmony, so a hero should come to the scene and save the flower. Not only save, but also make it grow huge, and settle many magical creatures on its branches. Are you ready to become such a hero?

If yes, just download and play Rayman Adventures – a free game for Android and iOS tablets and smartphone. This is an official Ubisoft game of the super popular series, one of just few free Rayman games. And here is our review of it!

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Who’s that Rayman?

The very first Rayman game appeared in 1995. Since then, gamers could enjoy many amazing releases, made for different systems. The main games of the series are platformers – we control the hero, explore virtual locations, collect items, battle evil monsters.

Rayman is quite a weird guy. His very appearance astonishes – he has no arms, legs, and neck, but just hands, feet, and head, hold by some invisible power, floating around his body. He is deft and strong, he can jump and fight. Rayman is brave and kind, he is almost a perfect hero!

In Rayman Adventures, the main guy can be replaced by a barbarian girl from this series: Barbara. She has no special abilities, so gamers can take any hero they like more. 

Screenshots from Rayman Adventures with game heroes

Let’s talk about gameplay

The game consists of many, many levels – they are different sections on a virtual map, different adventure missions. Every of them has a few stages, and the main goal there - is achieving an egg. Unique creatures can be hatched from these eggs, named incrediballs. They join the hero on the adventures, helping in different ways. And they help the sacred plant to grow – that's even more significant.

Many levels of the game propose different tasks. In some of them, Rayman (or Barbara) should collect all shiny insects. In others he rescues friends or battles evil guys. And incrediballs of different kinds help in these missions. For example, some of them show hidden objects in locations. Others suck huge numbers of insects by their trunks or protect from dangers.

Raymen runs unstoppably almost in every task. Players should activate jumps, slides, and attacks in different directions at appropriate moments – by taps and swipes or even through a gamepad! The gameplay is quite dynamic but not too hard. Sometimes you should be really deft to succeed on a stage and get maximum of bonuses. But it is just a question of experience and attentiveness during playing – the game doesn’t create tenseness and frustration, it’s a pleasant and interesting adventure.

Screenshots from Rayman Adventures, which show the gameplay

Possibilities apart from the main process

Rayman Adventures is a free-to-play game, so developers try to get money in other ways. It is worth of respect towards Ubisoft, that the company doesn’t milk gamers in every possible way. Of course, we can buy gems to unlock fancy customs for the heroes, buy useful items for hatching eggs, and food for energizing incrediballs. But this is not an unavoidable feature. You can wait for hatching eggs instead of using time-elixir. Or even watch ad-videos for getting extra bonuses. There is nothing annoying about monetization in this game, and this is just great!

Screenshots from Rayman Adventures with incrediballs.

Beautiful worlds, a nice and thought out gameplay, pleasant music, adorable characters – this game is just one of the best platformers for tablets and smartphones. We really recommend trying it!

To play Rayman Adventures, install it on your device from an appropriate marketplace:

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