Feb 6, 2018

Dragon: Fire and Fury

A game Dragon: Fire and Fury - play free online
Greediness is not a nice quality for humans – it creates sufferings in the world, especially to those who are infected by greed.

That happened with a king in this free online game. He has decided to get gold and diamonds of a dragon. The dragon lives in a mountain nearby, so the king sent troops there. Gamers are on the side of the dragon and help him to get rid of evil people.

The game is made as a mix of puzzles and turn-based battles. On the field with different actions, choose the best for the current situation. Sometimes the dragon breathes fire, sometimes hits enemies with his tail, sometimes calls for friends… Pay attention to numbers of opponents and the distances to them for choosing the best set of actions. To finish a level, decrease the power of the king to zero.

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