Feb 8, 2018

Sonny – a world-rescue mission of an… intelligent zombie!

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When the world is infected by an awful zombie virus, when the humanity is ill with ideas of force superiority and mixing biological organisms with technological elements, when now and then mad personalities appear, trying to rule the Earth and the whole Universe, even then there is a hope for rescue, which can come to the scene in a very unexpected form - for example, in a form of a walking dead.

His name is Sonny. He’d caught the zombie virus, but someone saved him by injecting a powerful serum. The body of Sonny has turned into a one of zombie, but his mind remained clear from unnecessary aggressiveness, from bloodthirst. Still, the guy can’t remember his past. He is eager to learn this new for him world. And he is eager to rescue it from all the evil. Even if for this, he should fight powerful monsters again and again…

In short, this is a plot of a game Sonny, made by the Armor Games studio. It’s available for computers and mobile devices in paid and free versions.

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A way of RPG adventures

The very story of this game creation is quite interesting. First, an RPG adventure of Sonny appeared as a free flash game. It became popular, many gamers admire its style. Then developers a bit remastered the game and released it to the Steam store with a very cheap price. And then we’ve got a free version of the Sonny game for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
So, what to choose for exciting gaming? 

  1. The Steam version seems to be the best. It has excellent graphics and… excellent everything, in fact.
  2. The mobile version is in the second place – it’s a super nice too, but ads may distract you from battles. Even getting extra bonuses for watching videos don’t save the situation totally. Of course, the fact of free access is very meaningful!
  3. The free online version of Sonny has not so nice graphics. As other flash games, it unnecessarily loads computers.
Gamers have right to make their choice =)

Screeshots from Sonny - for the review on the gaming blog Very Good Games

Not-boring repetitiveness 

The game Sonny is based on turn-based battles. Sonny with friends meets monsters and fight against them. Players choose actions of the intelligent zombie, observing turns of AI teammates, and attacks of AI opponents.

Battles give gold to buy equipment, and XP to activate new skills or improve existing. Some creativity and planning should be involved in the process, or it will be very hard to defeat really powerful opponents. Preparing for battles becomes a part of gameplay, the same as battles are.

Developers have made a nice job with the gameplay, plot, and graphics. Many different locations, a big variety of evil creatures, a few members of Sonny’s team, additional sets of powers, possibility to develop weapons and skills – these aspects make the battle process very interesting even if it seems to be quite repetitive. Colourful locations and nicely drawn characters allow eyes enjoying the game. Original story and dialogues turn the very playing process into an exciting adventure.

Screenshots from the game Sonny - RPG with a zombie

The game is not too hard and not too easy. It doesn’t ask for hundreds of hours of your time, and still, it is not a mini-game for a few moments. It has a story, it involves developing skills, it may even surprise you. This is a very good game, indeed.

To install Sonny on a computer or a mobile device, press an appropriate button below:

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To play the game for free online, visit a relevant page on the Very Good Games blog:

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