Apr 27, 2018

Frostpunk released

Game news about the release of Frostpunk for PCs
On the 24 of April 2018, “11 bit studios” released the city-building game with survival core – Frostpunk. It’s available for Windows computers.

Deep, never-ending winter

The climate on the Earth is changed totally, it is freezing cold on the planet. Trying to survive, people migrate to North, to a huge steam generator. Survivors gather around that machine, getting precious warm and energy. Players rule the last human city, trying to develop it, to make the life there… acceptable.

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Here is the Launch Trailer of Frostpunk:

Develop, make decisions

Unlike many city-building games, this one is not about earning money or making a beautiful location – it’s all about surviving. Buildings should be constructed for this purpose, resources should be collected for this purpose.

As rulers, gamers have to care of the people’s basic needs, choosing ways of developing the settlement. The decisions may have unexpected consequences – they really influence the situation in the city.

Here is the Features Trailer:

The big and many-branched tree of technology researches, feelings of an alive community in the city, the unique spirit in the game – these aspects make Frostpunk a very good game, interesting for gamers, who like this genre.

To play Frostpunk, buy the game on Steam:

The button for buying the game Frostpunk - a city-building survival strategy

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