Apr 25, 2018

Motorsport Manager Mobile – racing from a different angle

A review of Motorsport Manager Mobile - a free game for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones
In many aspects of our life, we need patience and constancy, thought-out planning. These words are quick to say, but in the reality, training of such skills stretch over months and years. It’s nice to have a concentrated practice of them in a form of a very good game. Motorsport Manager Mobile is exactly such a thing…

Here, we get a racing team and control its development “year after year”. At the start, it is a weak team that struggles to win not really powerful and prestigious championships. In the end, we lead it to success in the world most popular racing series with millions of fans and prize money, with so tense competitiveness, that every race turns to be an unpredictable challenge.

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It’s not a racing game, but it’s a game for racers.

You need to be a racing fan to enjoy this game to the max. Really, if you never watched Formula 1 competitions or races of other series, you may feel this game even a bit boring. But if you like the spirit of speedy cars rushing towards the finish, all those overcomes, car settings for different weather conditions, choosing right tires and pit stop strategies, Motorsport Manager Mobile is an excellent game for you to try.

It doesn’t really matter, which exactly racing game you prefer: Forza Motorsport 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Need for Speed Payback, Project Cars 2… Motorsport Manager doesn’t try to compete with these titles. It supplements them, making you “racing” experience more various, more complete. In this game, we see the very phenomenon of racing from a bit different angle.

Screenshots from a free game Motorsport Manager Mobile for tablets and smartphones

It’s all about money and your decisions how to spend and earn

At the first championships, you may feel this game as super easy – this is a way to involve gamers in the process and prepare us for much more difficult stages. Of course, such easiness becomes the best tutorial on the gameplay!

Screenshot from Motorsport Manager Mobile - a free game for Android devices, for iPad and iPhones
Players hire racers, technical staff and engineers in three departments: Manufacturing, Design, Aerodynamics. People from our staff have different levels of professionality, and these points directly influence the car condition. Better engineers are available on higher stages. The same is true for racers, which we can also develop in the virtual academy. To hire more technical personal, we need to increase the capacity of departments – this takes time (races) and costs rather big money.

It would be wise not to skimp your development budget. It is the future of your team and these expenses will turn to be revenue – better cars and racers bring more prize and sponsor money. So develop anything you can, as fast as possible.


There are qualifications before races, and there are technical settings of the cars before both. We choose Acceleration Ratio and Aerodynamics conditions before flying laps and before races. We choose tire types (Soft, Hard, or Wet) to show the best time on qualifications and organize the best pit-stop tactics during races.

Motorsport Manager Mobile game review on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Races in this game may seem a bit repetitive – you just watch dots on tracks and time after time command the racers to visit pit-lane. Still, this experience is not boring at all, it’s quite exciting. The races are ever-changing, your tactic decisions may help to get high places on slow cars and your mistakes may cause fails even on the best cars possible. We need to be totally attentive and improvise for getting victories.

Be ready to lose and finish in the middle after moving to new championships. Develop your cars, make right decisions in the random choices between races and seasons, so you will see your cars ahead of the peloton and first on the finish line.

The game has the main championship mode and the challenge mode with special conditions: signing only young drivers from the academy, no hints on settings, less prize money.

To play Motorsport Manager Mobile, install it from Google Play or from App Store:

Play Motorsport Manager Mobile on Android smartphones and tablets        Play Motorsport Manager MobileoniPhones and iPads

Other versions of Motorsport Manager

This is a review of Motorsport Manager Mobile – a free game for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. I played it and really enjoyed it, so I recommend beginning your acquaintance with the series from this version. Then, if you feel it as your kind of game, move further with two other, paid editions:
  • Motorsport Manager 2 – it is also a game for mobile devices. It has more choices for developing your cars, for setting them before races. This makes the game a bit more difficult. Also, it has more detailed graphics and different interface.

Play Motorsport Manager 2 on Android devices        Play Motorsport Manager 2 on iPhones and iPads

  • Motorsport Manager for PC and Mac computers – a paid game, available on Steam. It is super beautiful and super advanced. You’ll have so many settings to make before races, and there will be no clear advice about this. Mistakes cause lost seconds and failed races. This version proposes the best visual and the most realistic experience.

Play Motorsport Manager on Windows computers        Play Motorsport Manager on Aplle computers

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