Apr 24, 2018

The newest God of War is released

News about the release of God of War on the gameing blog Very Good Games
The story of Kratos is one of the most famous in the gaming industry – a Spartan warrior that made a deal with Ares but then began the fight against him and other gods of Olympus. This guy with white skin and red tattoos is known as a hero of the game series God of War, available exclusively on the PlayStation consoles.

On April 20, 2018, Santa Monica Studio released the fourth game of the series – it’s called simply, God of War. Gamers can enjoy it on PlayStation 4. The game received very positive feedback from players and acclaim from professional critics.

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In this game, Kratos is older and mature. He has rather a big beard and… a son, Atreus. His mother died, so the boy starts traveling with the father, experiencing many adventures, fighting many dangerous monsters. On the one hand, Atreus is very helpful for gamers, making lots of assistance. On the other hand, he causes lots of troubles to Kratos, who is used to be alone, to count only on himself…

This time, God of War is concentrated on the North mythology. Here is the official Story Trailer:

The gameplay of the new God of War has many innovations. Still, we can distinguish the major features of the whole series – explore the virtual world, defeat mystical creatures, solve puzzles. Kratos has a new weapon, an axe, which he can throw at enemies. We have some RPG features here – the possibility to collect points and develop skills. The game has only the single-player mode, what is quite unusual for modern gaming.

Here is the official Gameplay Trailer:

To play God of War, buy the game on PlayStation Store:

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