May 17, 2018

“Forgotton Anne” is out now

The gaming news about the release of “Forgotton Anne” – puzzle adventure for PS4, Xbox One, PC
This game is so beautiful, so fairy… It opens for us thrilling adventures in a cartoon-like world. 

This is not a cartoon in a style of fun Nintendo games, like platformers with Donkey Kong. This is rather a cartoon in the unique style of Studio Ghibli. And gamers can participate in its events, help the heroine Anne in her mission.

The game “Forgotton Anne” has been released for Windows computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 15. The developer is Danish studio "ThroughLine Games". The music for the project is performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The world of forgotten things

People forget many things, and they remain somewhere in time and space. Maybe, there is a special dimension for them, and they live there… almost like spirits in “Spirited Away”.

Such a dimension is a place of the game events. There is a girl, named Anne. She tries to return to the human world, but rebels are eager to stop her…

Here is the Story trailer:

An amazing puzzle game…

In the game, players control Anne, explore with her the virtual world, pass through the plot episodes, make significant decisions, solve many interesting puzzles.

Playing this game is like diving into an excellent children book, like you write it with a gifted author.
Let’s have a look at this gameplay video:

To play “Forgotton Anne”, buy the game in an appropriate shop:

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