May 28, 2018

“Detroit: Become Human” is released for PlayStation 4

Game news about the release of “Detroit: Become Human” – a PlayStation exclusive
If androids are made similar to humans not only in their appearance but also in their intelligence and internal emotions, does it mean that these creatures are equal to human beings? Does it mean that they have the same rights, the same level of freedom? How should we consider them – as special machines or as alive creatures, as real personalities?

Humanity is going to face these questions quite soon. Scientists actively develop such androids and the Artificial Intelligence. And often they think not about the necessity of such actions, not about their morality and consequences but about revenue, personal fame, momentary needs of governments. To where will such actions lead people? How will the future generations answer the questions above? What will happen to the world, full of clever, powerful and rebellious robots?..

Developers from the French studio “Quantic Dream” raise these questions right now, to make us think on them. They do this in a form of a very good game “Detroit: Become Human”, released first exclusively for PlayStation 4 and then also for PC. Of course, it is just a game. Those questions of morality towards androids and the expediency of our actions are on the background of thrilling stories, revolutionary gameplay.

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Three heroes, three stories

In the game, players have three quite different heroes:

  • Connor – a police android that investigates crimes, looks for androids who disobey humans;

  • Markus – an android-rebel who freed himself and helps others to do the same;

  • Kara – an android that faced the humans’ brutality, so she is on the run and tries to protect a small girl from the cruel world.

Through the eyes and minds of these characters, players watch the world of a possible future, where humans have robotic slaves for doing hard work, for helping people in different ways, for entertaining them. There are so many androids, that this becomes a problem. Those robots are cleverer than many people, more reasonable, more delicate.

Are they machines or living beings? This question arises in minds of people and androids. There are different answers to it…

Make your choices

The game “Detroit: Become Human” is cinematographically beautiful – it has been made with real actors, with using of astounding gaming technology. Playing it is like watching an amazing movie, with perfect graphics, especially on PS4 Pro.

Still, there is a significant difference between this game and a movie. Players participate in creating a story, they make their own film, they build the destiny of the main characters.

Almost on every step in the game plot, you can choose actions of the heroes. These choices are like branches that lead to different consequences and new choices. Playing “Detroit: Become Human” is your personal experience, which may differ from experience of other gamers and your own in a different time, when you make other moves.

To play the game, buy “Detroit: Become Human” in the official PS Store:

Buy “Detroit: Become Human” in PS Store       Buy the game “Detroit: Become Human” for Windows computers

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