Jun 6, 2018

“The Swords of Ditto” and “Moonlighter” are released for various platforms

Game news about the release of Action RPGs “The Swords of Ditto” and “Moonlighter”
In some aspects, these games are very similar to each other. Both invite to procedurally generated dungeons to explore and to fight against monsters. Both have rather cute graphics, made in a bit retro style, but still very colourful and beautiful.

The Swords of Ditto” has been released on April 24, 2018, for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Moonlighter” has been released on May 29, 2018, for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

“The Swords of Ditto”

An evil witch Mormo appears in the fantasy world of this game, creating monsters and terrorising villagers. A brave hero appears as well, trying to defeat Mormo and allow people to live peacefully. Mormo is hiding in dungeons, and the hero is entering these dangerous areas to accomplish his task. He does this again and again, centuries after centuries…

The game has a couple of unique features:
  • The witch is very powerful, and it’s not so easy to win a battle against her. The hero dies, but then, after 100 years, he is re-born to continue his mission. He should find the powerful sword to remember his combat skills. Yep, this sword gave the name to the whole game. There are two swords – for the hero and for his companion in the two-player mode.
  • Battles here are not only about hitting everyone around with the sword. The game proposes different items to use in the mission, and also possibilities to upgrade them, to make stronger. This happens in the village in a form of communication with local people.

Not only dungeons but also the village changes its appearance with every attempt – the game generates them on the random basis.

The Swords of Ditto” is one of a few games nowadays that propose a two-player mode on one device. This is a big plus to the project.

Buy “The Swords of Ditto” in PS Store or in Steam:

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There is a shopkeeper Will in this game, and he sells items from other dimensions. This activity makes the guy busy at daytime. Players help him to manage the business in different its aspects, like placing things on the shelves and hiring workers, getting orders and crafting goods.

Everything changes at night-time! Will becomes a brave adventurer, who enters different realms through mystical Gates, explore dungeons to collect artefacts for selling and ingredients for the crafting process. Of course, he fights monsters on the way!

The game is unique by:
  • The connection of the two occupations. Usually, in other games, players or battle monsters in dungeons (as in the game Sonny), or manage their virtual business. Such variety in the gameplay of “Moonlighter” makes the playing process very interesting.
  • The connection of two worlds – virtual and real. Many gamers are a bit similar to Will. They have a daily activity of working or studying. And then they have the excitement of gaming. Both activities support each other! The “real” one helps to buy hardware and games. And virtual adventures develop skills for that “real” activity. That’s why “Moonlighter” may find a response in gamers’ hearts.
This game has been published by the same studio as “Frostpunk”.

To play “Moonlighter”, buy the game for your device in a game store:

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