Jun 29, 2019

Dreams of Mario: unleash your gaming creativity (game release)

news about the release of the game “Super Mario Maker 2” and comparison to the game “Dreams”
Making games is a super interesting process – you can build amazing adventures and invite other gamers to enjoy them, you can share with the gaming community various emotions, stories, and experience. Still, this process is rather complicated. You should know quite difficult professional tools and coding languages to make a game. 

Thanks to some games, this kind of creativity becomes much more accessible. Here are two of them described shortly.

Super Mario Maker 2” is a continuation of the famous Nintendo series. It gives easy-to-use tools for creating game levels in the style of various Mario games. It was released on June 28, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch consoles.

Dreams” is a PlayStation exclusive. It gives a wide toolset to create individual games, not just levels. Its Early Access version is available for PS4 since April 16, 2019. The final release is planned for 2019. Probably, the game will be also available for the next-generation consoles – PlayStation 5.

Super Mario Maker 2

For beginners in the game creation, the choice of this game might be better. First, players can complete many pre-made levels by Nintendo – to get ideas for their upcoming projects, to feel possibilities of the game. Then, the video-tutorials will give detailed explanations on how to build levels in “Super Mario Maker 2” and how to make interesting gameplay in general.

The game provides creators with so many objects from Mario games, allows placing them on the screen, change the levels style, fill the world with entities, set goals, and add various small details to make a perfect playing experience (or just a fun one). Then, it’s possible to share the creation with other players – or play their multiple creations.

The first game of the series “Super Mario Maker” is available for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The sequel gives a much bigger variety of creative tools.

To play “Super Mario Maker 2”, buy the game from Nintendo eShop:

Button for purchasing the game Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch


This game gives a blank canvas of virtuality – to fill it with your fantasy. Such freedom is a bit challenging because players should start from scratch, make something new. You have here no boundaries of a particular game series or a genre. Much more notorious work is needed to create something decent in “Dreams”, but the final product may become much more interesting than levels in the Mario style. Of course, creators have tools to share their products with the community.

To play “Dreams”, buy the game from the PlayStation Store. 

Button for purchasing the game Dreams for PlayStation 4

Making games with such toolsets as “Super Mario Maker 2” and “Dreams” is a fun entertainment, and it may open doors to a career in the industry. Who knows, where your ideas about Dreams of Mario can lead you in the future.

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