Oct 31, 2019

MediEvil and Luigi’s Mansion 3 - rather funny than spooky (game releases)

News about the release of the games MediEvil (PlayStation) and Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Nintendo)
Halloween is a bit weird celebration, and still, it is very popular nowadays. Game developers follow the trend and release lots of products for this period. They are especially motivated because it is the start of the long and  potentially profitable winter holidays.

Most of these games are quite specific, they are of the Horror genre - and not everyone likes it. But two games released in 2019 are different, they offer lots of exciting adventures.


The first game is a PlayStation exclusive. Initially, it was released for the original PlayStation console in 1998, and now, it has been re-released for Playstation 4. It’s MediEvil, with a skeleton as the main hero. He fights other mystic creatures on a graveyard, in a gloomy castles, or other atmospheric locations. Still, the game itself is not gloomy. It's quite colorful and funny, and it invites into a cheerful experience. That skeleton is a fallen warrior who died at the start of a war. He was in his grave for a long period. Then he revived to have a second chance. Prayers help him to enter the Hall of Heroes and make lots of glorious feats. The skeleton has a powerful sword, and it's a nice feeling to run all around the locations and smash those funny creatures. Also, the game is full of various missions, like collecting magical items and improving the hero’s skills.

To play MediEvil, buy it in the official PlayStation Store:

A button to purchase the PlayStation game MediEvil

Luigi’s Mansion 3

The second game is a Nintendo exclusive, the third game of the Luigi’s Mansion series, released exactly on the 31st of October. This time, Luigi goes into a haunted hotel and again looks for his famous brother Mario. There are lots of ghosts around the guy, and he catches them with a kind of vacuum cleaner and a mighty flashlight. This game is not about fighting, it's about exploring locations, looking for some clues and hidden items. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a spectacular addition to the Nintendo Switch game library.

To play Luigi’s Mansion 3, buy the game through the official Nintendo eShop:

A button to purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3

Both games are super interesting, perfect for playing this Halloween (and not only).

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