Nov 22, 2019

Fantastic journey through the colourful world of Lost Ember (game release)

A wolf and a spirit travel together in the search for City of Light. The world around them is amazing and the journey itself is very unusual. The wolf can become any other creature to make the way faster, easier, or even possible. Also, the travellers discover remnants of an ancient civilization and go deep in a mystery about themselves.

The game Lost Ember is an indie creation from Mooneye Studios. It has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch release is planned for the future.

I like the visuals of this game. Lost Ember looks gorgeous, so the journey through such a world seems to be a nice type of gaming. The idea of switching forms and abilities of the main character is quite promising too – it sounds like quite an adventure.

The developers promise an interesting story around this journey, but it’s definitely better to delve into the plot directly in the game, not in a post about its release. Players will be able to look for nicely hidden collectibles.

To play Lost Ember, buy the game for your gaming platform:

A button for purchasing the indie game Lost Ember for the Xbox One console        A button for purchasing the indie game Lost Ember for the PlayStation 4 console

A button for purchasing the indie game Lost Ember for Windows computers

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