Dec 3, 2019

Save humanity in Phoenix Point (game release)

News on the release of the game Phoenix Point – on the gaming blog Very Good Games
An invasion of evil aliens has started an apocalypse on the Earth. Powerful monsters from another planet threaten to eliminate whole humanity, so battling them is a question of the very surviving. There are some brave people still remain on the base Phoenix Point. They need wise commands to win this desperate fight.

Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game, released for Windows and MacOS computers. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are planned for 2020.

The game is worthy of your attention if you like the X-COM kind of games. In fact, the designer of Phoenix Point is the creator of the original X-COM, released in the 1990s. Those games have become real legends of the gaming world, the same as Doom

In Phoenix Point, you give commands to your troops and develop them for further battles. The game invites to follow the plot and asks for thought-out decisions to destroy mighty opponents (which can mutate) and complete the story missions. Various endings are available – they depend on your in-game choices.

To play Phoenix Point, purchase the game from its official site.

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