Apr 9, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake, revision of the great adventure (game release)

News on the release of the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake
The game industry creates quite a lot of remakes these days, and this is a decent activity for the developers - great classics will not be forgotten on the shelves of gaming history.

Final Fantasy is one of the longest and most popular series. Its seventh instalment appeared in 1997 for the original PlayStation console. Now, Square Enix releases a remake, which in fact is rather a new game than a polished version of the old one. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s planned to be released on other platforms in April 2021.

This release is very special for many gamers. The original version has lots of fans, so they waited patiently - what will the game feel like now? 

In fact, we’ve got something quite new. The developers decided to dig into the story and make a full-fledged adventure out of unrevealed parts of the plot. As a result, Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a completed game. It will continue in new parts to tell the whole story, so gamers should wait for the next one for a few years. 

The world and characters look amazing - it’s definitely a game from 2020. An even more significant change is the battle system. Instead of turn-based fights (like of Sonny), we have here real-time action, but with the possibility to freeze time and use spells or items. This is not a button-mashing experience (like in Darksiders), so players should use a tactical approach. It doesn’t really matter whether you played the original Final Fantasy VII or not - this remake is something worth trying (if you like this type of games, of course). 

To play Final Fantasy VII Remake, buy it from the official page:

A button for purchasing Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 4 game consoles.

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