Jul 18, 2020

Ghost or Samurai? Choose your path in Ghost of Tsushima (game release)

Ghost of Tsushima game release
The Mongol army invaded the Japanese Tsushima island, so all the local samurai united to battle this common enemy. They failed and many died. Jin Sakai, one of the samurai, was badly injured but he managed to survive. He understood that his battle technique is weak against Mongols and needs to be improved. Jin starts his astonishing journey across Tsushima, and players help him to fight everyone openly, in battles, or act rather silently and demonstrate miracles of the stealth style.

The game Ghost of Tsushima is a great chord in the swan song of the PlayStation 4. It’s an exclusive for this game console, released on the threshold of the PS5/XSX era. And this is one of those games for which many people think about purchasing the PS consoles.

The virtual Tsushima island is very beautiful. You will ride across flower fields and enjoy the gorgeous views. It is an open world game (similar to Shenmue III), so players have quite a freedom to explore everything. There is no direction for the adventure here - only subtle signs, like a blow of the wind. You really should act like a samurai.

And this also means participation in bloody fights. Jin kills a lot in Ghost of Tsushima. You can choose to burst into camps and battle openly with your katana (almost like in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). Or you can sneak into the enemy territory and create almost mystical chaos of frightening murders. So, here you can act as a Samurai or as a Ghost… or as someone in between - this is your game after all.

It is worth mentioning unique music, which creates a special internal atmosphere. With the black-and-white mode, Ghost of Tsushima almost turns into an old Kurosawa movie.

To play Ghost of Tsushima, buy the game for PlayStation 4:

A button for purchasing the game Ghost of Tsushima for the PlayStation 4 consoles

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