Jul 25, 2020

Pirate Cards - play free online

A free online game for PC and mobile devices - Pirate Cards on the gaming blog Very Good Games
Your brave pirate starts quite an unusual adventure. On the way, he meets treasures, potions, cannons, and of course, other pirates. It sounds like quite a normal day for such a sea gangster. Still, by the power of gaming magic, the guy with other persons and objects were turned into cards. And you control where he goes and what happens to him.

The pirate has some amount of health. It decreases after fights or falling into traps. You can protect him by a shield or cure with a potion. Cannons damage opponents. Barrels contain hidden items. The best way to understand all the cards is to experiment with them.

Collect all the coins! This free online game offers useful power-ups between the rounds, such as a mightier pirate, additional health, protection from poison, or keys to treasure chests.

The game develops:
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