Jul 26, 2016

Microsoft has introduced two new game consoles: Xbox One S and Project Scorpio

Xbox One S game console from Microsoft
After nearly three years of existing, the game console Xbox One went through big upgrade – Microsoft Corporation has prepared a slimmer version. It called Xbox One S, and to buy it will be possible from august of 2016. Xbox One S have a got fresh new design, more modern and made in a game style. The console looks really nice and takes much less space – Xbox One S on 40% smaller. Also, its power adapter (huge in original models) now is placed inside.

Game console Xbox One S with a gamepad

Tech specifications are also have been changed a bit. Xbox One S has 2 Tb of the internal HDD, supports the High Dynamic Range technology and the 4k Ultra HD video standard. New Xbox Wireless Controller comes with the changed console. It also has a fresh design and the twice bigger range of work. Xbox One S can stand vertically with the included accessory.

So, it seems like Microsoft has done really good work! And this isn’t all the exciting news from the corporation. One more version of their game console was announced. Its name is Project Scorpio. For now, we know only a few things about it, such as great power (the four and half time more than Xbox One) to have a 4K gaming, and also possibility to use a VR headset.

Inside of the Project Scorpio game console

Project Scorpio will be available only on 2017 holidays. Many specialists think that Microsoft begins to talk about this console too early. And gaming world waits for a response from competitors. Sony PlayStation Neo and Nintendo NX still are kept in secret, but rumors say it will be as amazing (and maybe even more), as Xbox Project Scorpio.

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Game consoles PS4 Slim and Pro - a banner for a news about presentation of new PlayStation

Also you may be interestied in the new game console from Nintendo.

A pic for the news about the announcement of the Nintendo Switch game consoles

In June 2017, Microsoft made a presentation of the ready version of their Project Scorpio - Xbox One X – the most power game console for the most enthusiastic gamers.

A banner for the news about the presentation of the game console Xbox One X