Sep 22, 2016

Pankapu – the brave hero of the dream world!

Pankapu game poster
The developers of the Too Kind Studio have released the very interesting game, named Pankapu. It is a colorful platformer with a bit phantasmagorical plot. The game seems to be fun and joyful, so we in the Very Good Games blog recommend considering it as the cool virtual adventure on PC and Mac. Pankapu will have two episodes. The second is planned to launch in 2017, but even just the first one is enough for exciting gaming time.
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Pankapu is the name of the hero, who has been created by the god of dreams to stop occupying the whole dreamland by awful creatures of nightmares. The story of Pankapu is told to a small girl by her father. Nightmares disturb child’s dreams, but Pankapu can defeat them. Of course, if players will help him…

In the game, you can explore the territory and fight against monsters. The locations are beautiful, and the enemies are not quite terrible. You can buy this nice game on Steam.

A button for buying the Pankapu game on Steam for Apple computers        A button for buying the Pankapu game on Steam for Windows computer

And we have information that the game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on 20 of September 2017!

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