Sep 20, 2016

Pokemon Go Plus – even healthier gaming

Pokemon Go Plus released
After two months of the fantastical success, the Pokemon Go game has got a special device, which helps players catch Pokemon and collect items on Pokestops. Its name is Pokemon Go Plus and it became available on 16th of September.

It is a small gadget, made in Pokeball style. Players may wear it on a wrist, like a watch, or stick it in a handy place by a clip. On the device we have a button and LED lights. 

So, what does Pokemon Go Plus do? It informs players if they are near a Pokestop or meet a wild Pokemon. It vibrates and gives a blue light signal in case of a Pokestop and a green light signal in case of Pokemon. To make appropriated game actions, will be enough just to press the button. Visiting a Pokestop with collecting items there will happen automatically. And catching a Pokemon as well – the game program throws Pokeball by itself and then decides if it has caught the creature or not.

Also Pokemon Go Plus has a meaningful function to control players’ movements and count kilometers, they have walked. It lets to prepare eggs for hatching and collect candies for a buddy-Pokemon, even if a smartphone blocked or hidden. 

It is a really useful device because Poketrainers can free their eyes from smartphones’ screens and look around on the real world. It’s much healthier than staring at the game window and much more exciting too!

Still Pokemon Go Plus can’t do everything in the game. It throws only standard Pokeballs – for Great Balls and Ultra Balls players should take their smartphones in hands. And Pokemon Go Plus doesn’t give a second chance to catch a Pokemon: if it falls on a first try, a Pokemon runs away. Also hatching the ready egg is possible only in the game application.

Pokemon Go Plus is compatible with iPhones and with powerful devices on Android (with 2 Gb RAM or more). It costs $35 in the USA.

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Not only devices help gamers become cool Pokemon trainers – knowledge may be much more helpful! You can learn more about the Pokemon creatures on Very Good Games. For example, the post with the full list of Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game is here.

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After a while, Nintendo also made an announcement about their new game console. Its name has been changed from Nintendo NX to Nintendo Switch. The news about this event is here!

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Do you know about a digial board game with Pokemon, named Pokemon Duel. It is available for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones!

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