Sep 30, 2016

The Metronomicon game – defeat the evil by cool music!

The Metronomicon game poster
It is not a common situation when a game combines two so different genres as RPG and musical. That’s why the Mertonomicon, released in the September of 2016, seems to be really interesting – its developers have made battles against awful villains in a form of playing harmonic music and dancing rhythmical moves. A lot of cool compositions and many possibilities of developing the heroes promise a quite cheerful kind of gaming!
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The game contains an interesting story. A few students have got their master diploma in the rhythmic combat arts, so they are ready to fight against evil monsters, which use dissonant sounds to destroy the harmony of the world. To stop them, players should participate in the turn based battles, making the heroes perform their powerful attacks and defense. To do so, we have to press the appropriate buttons, shown on special musical bars. If do this fast and correct, the music will flow, and the heroes will accumulate battle energy. To defeat all the enemies, we should regularly improve different abilities of the crew.

The Metronomicon for PC and Mac is available on Steam.

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