Oct 7, 2016

Frogs climb, and gamers have fun

Frogs climb game poster
A new cool game for a joyful gaming has appeared – it is Frog Climbers, released by the TeamCrew indie studio. The controlling of frogs in the colorful virtuality is a really fun entertainment for a party with friends, and for a playing of just two gamers…

The game is about the competition of the virtual frogs, which climb on mountains. They want to reach the top, leaving the competitors behind. But the best thing in Frog Climbers is not the race! Frogs behave in an interesting way, grabbing time after time not only holders on mountains but also bodies of their buddies. Just a cool stuff for laughing together…

#Planning     #Sociability     #Accuracy     #Spatial orientation     #Improvisation

The Frog Climbing game is good even in its single mode. A player can practice to become a master-climber. Or participate in the online competition that takes place daily.

The funny frogs, a lot of mountain tracks, and a few game modes make Frog Climbers a very interesting project. The game is available for PC on Steam.

A button for buying the Frog Climbers game on Steam for Windows computers

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