Oct 20, 2016

Nintendo Switch – the new console with the specific attitude to gaming

Nintendo Switch game console
Nintendo has announced its new game console, named Nintendo Switch. It is the hybrid of a powerful home console and a portable device. Nintendo Switch will be available from March of 2017, but even right now we know a lot of exciting information about it.

The announcement of Nintendo Switch was an anticipated event, because gamers were wondering what a response the Nintendo Company has prepared for its main competitors on the game market – Sony and Microsoft with their PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Nintendo didn’t disappoint and have made a really cool console that will be interesting for those who like to play games not only at home near a big screen.

Nintendo Switch promo pics

Nintendo Switch contains the main unit Switch Console, the dock station Switch Dock, and the two gamepads Joy Cons. Switch Console is a bit similar to tablets because of its LCD screen. But the two gamepads can be attached to it, what make the device much more comfortable for gaming. When Switch Console is attached to Switch Dock, it works as a home console, allowing playing near a TV. When it is taken away, Switch Console proposes the same games but on the smaller screen. To control a game process at home, players may use the classic-style wireless Switch Pro Controllers. The Joy Cons are small and can be used separately from Switch Console – a player can hold them in both hands, playing alone, or play with a friend, using one Joy Con as a full controller. Games for Nintendo Switch will be distributed on special flash cards and, of course, through the Internet.

The functions of Nintendo Switch are shown nicely in the official trailer:

We still don’t know the exact specifications of the console, the price of it, and the list of games. Nintendo has revealed only its intention to make Switch more a home console than a portable one. And the company has named a lot of partners, which are well-known developers – that means we can expect really a lot of games for Nintendo Switch.

We will know more information on 13 January 2017 – Nintendo plans to make the Switch press event and show the console itself.

It may be a really nice device for gamers. Read more about it on the Very Good Games blog!

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On the Very Good Game blog, you will find reviews of the best games for Nintendo Switch.

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