Nov 11, 2016

A story of an evil hero in the Tyranny game

Tyranny game poster
The new game of the Obsidian Entertainment studio proposes an unusual adventure – players assume the control over the evil guy, who works for the new ruler of the world, Kyros the Overlord. Tyranny is interesting not only by this situation but also by the possibility to make many choices and create the destiny of the hero and the whole world. Maybe, he is not so bad guy after all…

It is an RPG game with many ways of developing the character and the storyline. The war between evil and good is over, so no need to bother about which side to take – maybe the evil forces will be even better for the world when it needs a tight hand to rule… The hero is on the evil side, but it is a player who decides which actions are appropriate in different situations. All the choices lead to consequences, what make the game especially interesting. The developers promise the power over nations. What will you do with it?

The hero of Tyranny is a Fatebinder, the judge and the executor in one. He travels around the huge virtual world to keep order among people. He can communicate with citizens and make alliances with factions, but if someone stands on his way, the Fatebinder may use his amazing power and fight like a brilliant warrior…

The game seems to be a nice choice for gamers, who like fantasy adventures and thought about playing a role of powerful guy with free views on morality. Tyranny is available for PC and Mac on Steam.

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