Nov 15, 2016

Let’s explore! New version of Minecraft PC – 1.11, Exploration Update

Minecraft always was interesting for its exploration aspect – players feel themselves real explorers here, walking in unknown locations, looking for goodies and treasures. After the last update, the game has got more adventures for explorers! It is clear even from its name – Minecraft 1.11, or Exploration Update. So, what we have with it?

Every gamer can begin the new exciting mission - the hunt for treasures with help of new guys among the villagers, the Cartographers. If you bring to them emeralds, they give treasure maps in exchange. The maps can lead to Woodland Mansions or to Ocean Monuments. Many awful creatures will try to stop you there! Fight with them and overcome tricky traps to achieve the unique artifacts: the Totem of Undying, the Shulker Box, and the other cool stuff. To take all of them to your virtual home, use a caravan of llamas – new creatures in the Minecraft Universe.

The immortality in the survive mode of the game? Sounds amazing! The special chest (Shulker Box), that keeps your things even in the broken state? It is handy indeed! And this not all the new features of Exploration Update!

Also, new mobs have been added. They are:
- Evokers and Vindicators, hostile villagers of Woodland Mansions, two types of villagers, named Illagers;
- Vexs, small angry creatures, which fly around Evokers during battles;
- Llamas, cute animals, which can be used by players for carrying things.

The developers from Mojang have made a lot of improvements and additions for Minecraft 1.11. To discover them, just launch the game, download Exploration Update, and begin your adventure!

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