Jan 26, 2017

Checkers Classic

Checkers Classic screenshot
Give your brain nice training in this interesting board game. Play with a computer program, choosing different levels of difficulty, or begin a game of checkers with a friend in the two gamers mode. You will get the set of checkers, which can move diagonally on the board. If there is an opponent’s piece on a adjacent square, your checker can jump over it and take it away. Pieces that have reached the final row become kings and get the ability to move not only forward but also backward – they are really powerful! The main goal of the game is to take all an opponent’s checkers. To do so, a bit of strategic thinking will be very useful! Try to plan your moves in advance and to prevent successful moves of an opponent. This free online checkers game is interesting by color hints for beginners, which show possible moves for a selected checker, and also by the possibility to change the style of the equipment.

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Guys, you also can install this game on your Android or iOS device:

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