Jan 2, 2017


Castaway game screenshot
for Windows & Mac

The guy has found himself on a tropical island. It is nice here and dangerous at the same time! A lot of useful things can be found around. And a lot of awful creatures can attack the game character from a nearest bush. So the hero begins to learn the combat technique and kills different creatures, like giant sand beetles. After a while, he finds the settlement. People here struggle from beasts, and the guy can make a lot of good for them… In the game, you help him explore the island, fight against dreadful foes, collect items, earn money, and upgrade his abilities.

In role-playing games, heroes often battle against monsters. Another one cool RPG proposes to help the game character clear virtual lands from evil before Death takes him – play Disk and World RPG on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot from a free online game for PC and Mac computers - a quest Disk and World RPG