Jan 2, 2017

Civilization Wars Ice Legend

Civilization Wars Ice Legend gameplay
for Windows & Mac

Someone very evil attacked Santa’s sleigh! Little people of the virtual world saw this awful crime, so they begin the war mission to destroy villains. Choose the nation and help it invade territories, sector by sector. In every new location, your small heroes should take over control all the buildings. Click on their houses and lead them to chosen targets. Collect big troops to overload opponent’s soldiers, but don’t forget to leave enough guys for protection your buildings. Try to control all the mines of magical crystals and all the defensive towers!

This is one of the best strategies among free online games, and it has its unique style of battles. Another one, made in the Tower Defense genre, proposes protecting magical gems from greedy people – play Cursed Treasure on the Very Good Games blog!

A screenshot from the free online tower defense game Cursed Treasure