Jan 26, 2017

Chess Classic

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Invented long time ago, chess remains one of the most famous intellectual games in the world. To play chess, you should not only know how the figures move on the board but also understand different combinations in the game, think about your own steps and about moves of opponents, block their attacks and make yours. In this free online chess, you may play with your device or with a friend. There are different styles of the board, six levels of difficulty for the single mode, and a possibility to save your game and play it later. Color hints will be useful for beginners – they show how can move a chosen figure.

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Chess board - play chess game online for free on the gaming site Very Good Games

Similar but at the same time very different classic board game is checkers. It is also available on the Very Good Games blog!

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Pokemon Duel has something from chess - this is a virtual board game with Pokemon:

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Video games exist quite a long time already, and some of them became classical too. Like Kirby's Dream Land:

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