Apr 11, 2017


2048 game screenshot
Even the mathematics may be a source of fun! Especially, if it became a basis for a nice mini-game. And when we need not to count too much ;) In this online puzzle, gamers combine tiles with numbers, trying to get the biggest, 2048. To do so, we should understand the rules. Only tiles with identical numbers can merge with each other, so their numbers will be added and a new one appears. Every move in the game creates new tiles, so if we do not merge them regularly soon there will be no empty spots and the game will be over. It is nice to think on a few steps ahead – something you combine now and something you will get to combine later.

All the actions in the game are made by simple swipes in four directions! Each swipe “tilts” the playing field, and all the tiles slide to the side of the tilt.

2048 - free and fun brain teaser online

The 2048 game has the same gameplay as the Prizm puzzle. But there we combine colors…

Free online brain teaser with colors - Prizm

A bit of thinking is needed not only in brain teasers but also in adventure games. For example, we should understand which ability of our virtual creature to use and how to do so for accomplishing all the levels in The Green Mission game.

The Green Mission free online game