Apr 11, 2017

Dark Lands

Dark Lands game screenshot
When evil monsters are spread all over a virtual world, there should be a brave hero, who will take a weapon into his mighty hands and will clear all around from the dark forces. And we have such a hero in this game! He is ready to face all the dangers, and in fact, he is a bit too eager to begin battles – he just can’t stop himself from running and need some help in advising when to jump, where to slide, and at which moments use the sword. 

Will you become a fighting partner for the game hero? Will you help him to pass through all the levels of the story mode and to set amazing results in the endless survive mode? So, let’s do this!

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Dark Lands - an adventure in the horror-like style

The Dark Lands game can be installed on Android, iOS, and Windows devices:

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This game is an interesting combination of genres. On the one hand, it is a typical running adventure – our hero runs in dangerous places and we should activate different tricks to help him to survive. If a trap is ahead, jumping will be a nice decision! If a serrated blades float in the air, sliding under them may save the precious health. If a monster stands on the way, we may stop near him and show him the power of the virtual sword.

On the other hand, the combat aspects add to the game a lot from the fighting genre. Awful creatures attack the guy, trying to decrease his health level and bringing horror spirit to the game. They are really dreadful!

Horror adventure and running game Dark Lands

Updates and missions

Dark Lands free game online
While playing Dark Lands, we can improve abilities of the hero in the update menu – buy extra health, make the sword stronger, and add agility to the guy. In the power-ups section, we can increase chances of meeting crystals in the virtual world and get an extra score from our game attempts. The crystals are needed for purchasing the hero’s abilities.

Running and fighting game Dark Lands
In every level of the adventure mode, we have a list of missions. For example, finish a run with a specific time, or with a specific amount of health. These tasks make the game even more attractive!

Two game modes

On the start screen, gamers can choose the adventure or survive. Both are cool enough...

In the adventure mode, we travel in the virtual country, killing monsters everywhere. The hero should touch a magical monument to succeed in his run.

Surviving mode has no end. Just run as long as possible…

The Dark Lands game is quite interesting and may become a nice choice for exciting gaming!

Play online horror adventure Dark Lands

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